Saturday, January 11, 2014


It's a bit special when you come across a moment when you are feeling happy, but can't really pinpoint the specific reason why you are feeling happy. That's a good kind of happiness. You look around and can actually see miniature bombs exploding all around you; but you stand there, like a smiling solider covered in bubble-wrap... feeling just protected enough for that moment.

I don't know; it's 12:30am. I know there are plenty of problems around me... but, sometimes your vision is blurred, I suppose. You become near-sighted, so all you can focus on is literally that moment where you stand. The moment where you land up on youtube wondering, "which George Harrison song was that?" -- but somehow end up hearing a Paul Westerberg song instead. A song from a movie you loved back in 2003, even though you knew you had discovered it 10 years after its actual release. The song was "Waiting for Somebody" from Cameron Crowe's "Singles."

Man... that movie made life feel so simple for a bit. And, life isn't simple, I suppose. There are just so many people around, everyone doing their own thing, having their own views, own beliefs. And all those books and movies led us to believe that from all those people around, with their own views and beliefs, we would find this one person who would be like the square peg for our square hole and life would just be fine. Like you are stuck in a hospital, with everyone sick around you and "all at once you look across the crowded and see the way that light attaches to a girl." And from there on, life would just be walks down (what would appear to be) streets of Paris, beaches in the Maldives.

And, no one ever tells you, "Hey, you know, those eternal walks in exotic locations are really just momentary, and to get those moments you will need to work your ass off for about a year to save just enough to have that momentary walk."

But, as I listen to "Waiting for Somebody" again today, possibly the first time I am hearing the song after I got married, I feel a little high. Could be because about 1-hour back my wife told me to come to bed, but I remained hooked to the TV and ended up (half-asleep) on my blog eventually... But, mostly I think it's just because I have blurred out all the disturbances in life for the moment. There is plenty going wrong, but for a moment I can't remember what's going wrong... I just hear an old song, as my mind recalls the moment in 2003 when I first watched that movie alone. And over 10 years later I have somebody, and we are more like square pegs - round holes, but that seems to work just fine too.

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