Friday, August 15, 2014


Things can get quite frustrating at times. We have evolved and really grown as humans, I suppose. Not many of us accuse a woman of being a witch and burn her in the market square anymore. When a nation tries to conquer another, several communities around the world at least make a loud noise about it now. We know a lot more about our universe and can easily understand concepts, such as, evolution and gravity. But, judging a book by it's cover is still something we are quite hooked to. I say that just by seeing the number of idiots that get hired for jobs they don't even understand. While working, they then either learn the job or just rely on Christmas miracles 80% of the time to sort things out for them. And it all comes down to the friends you have, the passport you carry, or just purely the colour of your skin.

I feel frustrated not because the wrong people get hired for a job, but because you can sit for months analysing your own skills in your mind and observing your strengths and weaknesses, and thinking that if you were only given the chance... If you were only trusted based on your experience and not judged based on your nationality.

And, then I wonder if all you should do is just accept and move on. Accept the fact that growth in an organisation or job for you will always be slower, will always take a bit longer. Just accept that 95% of the people around you cannot see beyond certain elements that have no relevance to how well you'd do your job.

But, I think we all have a bit of both, the Ying and the Yang in us. One seems to be quite cautious and responsible, asking me to just accept where I am and be patient; while the other, seems to be a bit adventurous and a dreamer, asking me to take a leap of faith and reach for the goals I really want to achieve for myself personally.

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