Saturday, October 18, 2014

Father and Son...

"See the trees that grow so tall today, my Father" said The Buddha. "Millions of years ago, trees did not exist, our soils were covered merely with plants. But, then came a time when dark clouds descended on to our soil. Dark clouds that hid the rays of our warm sun. The weaker plants could not survive this, but there were some that braved their way forward. They pushed, they reached higher; they overcame the dark clouds and found the warm rays of the beloved sun. Today, we have trees, my Father. The wood that warms our homes may have never existed if it were not for those few brave plants."

The Father reflected on the thoughts of his son, as he continued, "But, today the dark clouds are no longer around us. Today, my Father, the trees need not be so tall to reach the sunlight. But there they stand, in all their magnificence, as tall as ever. You say to me today, let these trees become the plants their ancestors once were. You ask me to follow a path that you followed. But, why is it that you are not able to see that the path I follow today is on the path where you have left me. I have come from you and I can only take the path forward."

Upon hearing these words, The Father sat down. He understood what his son had said, but it did not solve his problem. "Son," he said, "you are a far better storyteller than I... But, as good a story as you weave, I cannot agree with your decision."

"But, I do not ask for you to agree with me, my Father... I merely ask that you agree that we can disagree."

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